Admin+ is a tool we've developed to allow you to have more control over your Shopify admin. Whether you want to add metafields easily to any of your Shopify objects, or if you want to add some fields to your POS orders, Admin+ is the tool for you!


Admin+ Pricing

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  • Metafields

    Easily add and manage metafields on your products, customers, orders, and more.

  • POS Support

    Add line item properties, note attributes, and custom items through POS.

  • Full Liquid Support

    Make use of Shopify's Liquid language to write out your templates.

  • Easily Accessible Templates

    Access your templates from the orders pages, the products pages, or on Admin+ itself.




Can I add fields to my Shopify POS?

Sure! We offer a step by step setup with our Wizard to create templates to add Note Attributes as well as Line Item Properties to your orders. If there's something else you'd like to add, send us an email and let us know, we'd be glad to see what we can do.

What can I do with metafields on Admin+?

With Admin+, you can add, edit, and remove metafields from a variety of objects. We also provide a Wizard for you to create a template to either have a generic editor, or for you to create a set list of metafields to add to your objects.

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